Solution for sharing files from your PC to your mobile

iMoKA is a cool application for your phone. iMoKA allows you to access from your phone to your files located in your desktop PC in your office/home.

You can access your PC files even if you don't have a static IP address. Enjoy your chat with friends on the phone, spice it up with emoticons, pictures and contents shared from your PC!

iMoKA allows you to access your home or office files from your mobile phone. You can download audio files, your pictures, photos, short videos, documents (Word, Excel, Power point), ANY FILE, wherever you are.

. . !

Enjoy them yourself or share with friends who you have granted access. It's independent which countries you are in and what network operators you are associated with.

Its cool P2P instant messaging system lets you chat with your friends, sending funny emoticons. iMoKA has no limits . . . just enjoy iMoKA!

The content server (your PC at Home/Office) doesn't need a static IP address.

It can be behind a firewall, NAT; it can has a dynamic Ip address, and it will work!

"If your phone supports the FileConnection API (JSR-75), install "imoka_JSR75.

jar" file, else install "imoka. jar" file. These jar files are enclosed under "Mobile Clients" in the installation folder after you install iMoKA on your PC.



iMOKA 2.0

User reviews about iMOKA

  • mandy.franks.73

    by mandy.franks.73

    "Bad download (incomplete). "

    This software 'CRASHES' on startup. It's also missing the mentioned installation folder..   More.

  • mandy.franks.73

    by mandy.franks.73

    "This software 'CRASHES' on startup."

    Downloads a zip which must be renamed to jar. This software 'CRASHES' on startup. Nuff said....   More.